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Jack Miner Accessories

Adopt a Goose $45
Jack Miner Koozie $3 or 2 for $5
Jack Miner Logo Sticker

Stuffed Animals Small $10

Small Stuffed Bald Eagle
Small Stuffed Gray Owl
Small Stuffed Loon
Small Stuffed Mallard

Stuffed Animals Medium $12

Medium Stuffed Beaver
Medium Deer - Out of Stock
Medium Stuffed Racoon

Stuffed Animals 4.5" - 6"

4.5" Chickadee
4.5" Snowny Owl
4.5" Mallard Duck
4.5" Loon
4.5" Snowny Owl
4.5" Eagle
6" Natural Brown Squirrel

Stuffed Animals 7"

7" Floppy Feet Red Fox
7" Floppy Feet Moose
7" Floppy Feet White Tailed Deer
7" Floppy Feet Racoon
7" Floppy Feet Beaver

Please Email: giftshop@jackminer.com for more details and orders.