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Historic House

The Jack Miner house started construction in 1916 with materials from the Miner Brick and Tile Yard. The architectural style of the house is Edwardian Classicism, built by Walter Gardner and Ervan and Bert Oxley.  It took six years before the family could move in. The original house had been moved down the road beside the current Kennedy Woods Picnic Area and the Miner family lived in the adjacent clubhouse while their house was under construction. In 2003 the original house was donated to The Southwestern Ontario Heritage Village, a short way down Arner Townline, where it was properly restored and maintained for people to enjoy and visit.

After Jack and Laona died, the house didn’t stay empty. Manly, Jack’s son, moved in with his family. Manly, was the administrator of the Sanctuary, writing grants, giving lectures and tours, whereas Jasper was the grounds keeper. He lived next door to the Sanctuary and his passing donated the property back o the Sanctuary. Upon Manly retiring, Jasper’s son Kirk was the next family member to runt he administrative operation of the Sanctuary and at this point outside help was hired for the grounds. Kirk lived in the house until his retirement, where he was replaced with a non Miner family Executive Director. It was a this time that the house was restored and became open to the public so visitors could see how the Miners lived.

Jack and Manly spent many hours entertaining friends and visitors in the sunroom overlooking the viewing pond and the sanctuary grounds. Many different taxidermy birds can be seen in this room, along with unique light fixtures and family memorabilia. In the dining room, guests can view one of the many beautiful china and silverware set up on the dining room table, along with other plates and heirlooms in the built-in cabinets. Upstairs, amongst the five bedrooms, there is a room set up for guests. One of his famous guests, and best friend was MLB player Ty Cobb, who visited the Miner home often. Some other Ty Cobb artifacts are on display in the gun room beside the victrola and armoire with Jack and Laona’s clothes. There is a memorial to Jack’s children, Carl and Pearl, who died young.

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