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Hunter's Cabin

On Jan. 17, 2004, eight fathers, husbands, friends and two of their faithful companion dogs perished in a plane crash as they returned from Pelee Island after a familiar pheasant and rabbit hunting trip. The plane took off at 4:40 p.m. from Pelee Island for the short flight to Windsor airport and tragically crashed into the ice of Lake Erie a few minutes later.

On board the Cessna Caravan, Georgian Express Flight 126, were:

Ronald Spencler, 53, of Windsor
Walter Sadowski, 48, of Windsor
Fred Freitas, 38, of Kingsville
Larry Janik, 48, of Kingsville
Robert Brisco, 46, of Chatham
Brothers Ted Reeve, 53 
Tom Reeve, 49, of Chatham
Dr. Jim Allen, 51, of Mitchell’s Bay
and Pilot, Wayne Price of Richmond Hill and his fiancée Jamie Levine of Los Angeles.

The Flight #126 Memorial Cabin was built in 2004 to honour their memory, along with eight red maple trees planted right outside. The first one to the north is planted five degrees west of the north from the centre of the cabin and reflects the plane’s projected flight path. The last one to the south is planted 128 degrees from that point. The final two trees, a red maple and serviceberry, are planted in honour of the pilot and his fiance, who also perished in the crash. For the much loved dogs, a twin dog house sits next to the cabin where they will forever keep a watchful eye over their playground, nature and the outdoors. The cabin is home to memorabilia left by the families of the deceased. The cabin is open to the public during special events and summer months for people to visit.

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