Our Attractions

The sanctuary offers adults and children alike a truly memorable experience to connect with nature. Visitors are able to get up close and personal to hand feed geese and ducks with barley which is supplied free. Spend some time exploring and learning about local wildlife and natural habitats on over 400 acres of natural landscape and see peacocks, exotic pheasants, wild turkeys and tundra swans.

The Jack Miner Museum, where admission is also free, allows visitors to view 150 years of historical Miner archives and artifacts. A short walk to the original catching net as well as the burial site of Jack and Laona Miner makes the visit a unique experience.

So pack up a picnic lunch and drive out to our region and discover what the area has to offer. Where else will you get the opportunity to share a truly unique, relaxing, educational and fun filled day with your family?

Sanctuary Hours Please call about Museum hours. Admission is always free!