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Baseball Caps. One Size Fits All. Snapback.$25 Knitted Toques $18

Real Tree Camo
Black Camo-out of stock
Black Signature
Grey Signature
Grey Signature Toque
Black Logo Toque

Jack Miner Kids Hoodies $30

Jack Miner Hoodie Kids Red Discover
Red Hoodie
Jack Miner Hoodie Kids Blue Patch
Navy Hoodie
Jack Miner Hoodie Kids Blue Discover
Light Blue Hoodie

Jack Miner Adult Hoodies $45 Zip Hoodies $40

Jack Miner Hoodie Zip Red Patch
Red Zip Up
Jack Miner Hoodie Zip Green Patch
Green Zip Up
Jack Miner Hoodie Zip Blue Patch
Navy Zip Up
Jack Miner Hoodie - Blue
Light Blue
Jack Miner Hoodie Light Blue Patch
Light Blue
Jack Miner Hoodie Grey Patch
Heather Gray
Jack Miner Hoodie Kids Light Blue Patch
Jack Miner Hoodie Yellow

Jack Miner Tank Tops $20

Jack Miner Tank Top 1
Light Blue Tank
Blue Tank
Pink Tank

Jack Miner Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirts $40

Blue Performance Long Sleeve
Light Blue Performance Long Sleeve
Grey Performance Long Sleeve

Jack Miner Long Sleeve 2 sided Cotton T-Shirts $35

Blue Patch Long Sleeve
Heather Blue Patch Long Sleeve

Jack Miner T-Shirts $20

Black NWW Front
White NWW Front
Blue Logo/Discover Front
Grey Logo/Patch Front
Green Logo/Discover Front
Red Logo/Patch Front
Burgundy Vintage Logo
Brown Vintage Logo
Discover Grey
Ladies Blue Patch
Ladies Navy Patch
Ladies Grey Discover
Ladies Red Discover
Ladies Blue Discover
Ladies Navy Discover
Kids Discover Blue
Kids Discover Green
Kids Discover Pink
Kids Goose Print Blue
Kids Goose Print Green
Kids Goose Print Pink

Stuffed Animals Small $10; Medium $12; Large $15

Small Stuffed Bald Eagle
Small Stuffed Gray Owl
Small Stuffed Loon
Small Stuffed Mallard
Medium Stuffed Beaver
Medium Deer- Out of Stock
Medium Stuffed Racoon

Commemorative Bands.

Jack Miner pioneered the banding of migratory waterfowl in 1909, over a decade before there was any government banding programs.

Ducks Unlimited has called the Jack Miner band ‘the most sought after piece of waterfowl jewelry in the world’. These souvenir aluminum bands, (years 2000 – 2022) with their unique verses of biblical scripture, are the same size (1″ x 2.25″) as the bands Jack Miner used and that the Foundation continues to use today, just without the serial numbers.

DUCK band
(coming Soon)

Flat: $20.00
Crimped band: $25.00
Flat band with 3 initials: $30.00
Crimped band with 3 initials: $40.00

Current year GOOSE band

Flat: $25.00
Crimped band: $30.00
Flat band with 3 initials: $40.00
Crimped band with 3 initials: $50.00

Previous years GOOSE band

Flat: $10.00
Crimped band $15.00
Flat band with 3 initials $25.00
Crimped band with 3 initials $35.00

Available years and verses:


"Let Us Consider One Another" Heb 10:24

"Ye Must Obey God" Acts 5:29

"Be Not Afraid; Only Believe: Mark 5:36

"Have Faith In God" Mark 11:22

"Cast All Your Care Upon God" 1 Peter 5:7


Coming Soon
"Let Us Consider One Another" - HEB 10:24

"Behold The Birds of the air" - Matt 6:26

“The righteous keep moving forward” - Job 17:9

“I am the Light of the world” - John 8:12

“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart” -Proverbs 27:19

“Turn from evil and do good: seek peace and pursue it”- Psalm 34:14

“Whatever one sows, that will he also reap” - Galatians 6:7

“Marvelous are Thy works”- Psalm 139:14

“God is Love” -1 John 4:8

“He Careth for You”- 1 Peter 5:7

“Where there is no vision the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

“Thy Word is Truth” – John 17:17

“Glory to God” - Luke 2:14

“Prepare to meet thy God” – Amos 4:22

“In God is my salvation” – Psalm 62:7

“Thou shalt not steal” – Exodus 20:15

“Cast all your care upon God” - 1 Peter 5:7

“Be not afraid; only believe” – Mark 5:36

“Have faith in God” – Mark 11:12

“He is our peace” – Eph. 2:14

“The truth shall make you free” – John 8:32

“Wait on the Lord; be of good courage” – Psalm 27:14

“Before they call, I will answer” – Isaiah 65:24

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